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The Figure of the Director-Pedagogue
Wednesday 16 November
6.30pm – 8.30pm
This session will discuss the actor-director relationship, the creative process and how the notion of director-pedagogue from the Russian tradition can challenge set ideas about the nature of the actor’s work.  The session will be led by Maria Gaitanidi and she will be joined by actors she has worked with (Paul Ready, James Northcote and Stacy Martin TBC) who will talk from their own experience of working both with Maria and other directors in theatre and film. 

The Rehearsal Method of the Etude

Thursday 24 November

10.30am – 6.30pm



This is a practical session exploring the rehearsal method of the étude using Platonov by Chekhov as a starting point. Participants will be asked to have read the play in advance as they will first analyse extracts using Maria Knebel’s active analysis. The directors will then work on the scenes amongst themselves and they should be willing to stand up and experience the approach by working as an actor.  Maria Gatanidi will lead the workshop and she will be joined by actors who have experienced working with the étude.

Events organised by the Young Vic Theatre through the Directors Network
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