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Past Performances

Raw Material's latest site-specific performances. and some quotes from our audiences:


About the Black Monk

'We can't believe it was not all rehearsed. The fluidity and complicity between actors was second to none. One of the actors spotted I was francophone and translated a whole monologue for me right in the middle of the performance'. - Stephane from Switzerland and Carmen from Spain

'Super intense and different. I do mean it when I say different'. - Guillaume from France

'Is it cabaret? It didn't really looked like it but felt like it - we were so involved!' - Vince from London


About Mattia Pascal

'It seemed designed exclusively for the Church. I'm a regular at Shoreditch and have never seen it used like this. Pass on our thanks and congratulations to the director and cast.' - Sarah from London

'They were amazing performers and the two ladies [Maria and Raymonda] are amazing singers!' - John from London

'It was highly entertaining and so unexpected, I did not know what was coming next and the multi-vocal singing in various languages was astonishing.' - Vanessa from Venice

'I wanted to take photos of every moment, the actors and their movement in the church were beautiful like paintings.' - Marissa from Greece



Mattia Pascal, the Man Who Lived

An original adaptation of Italian masterpiece The Late Mattia Pascal by Luigi Pirandello for the first time in the UK. Created for St Leonard's Church in Shoreditch, London’s.

With only books and a bare nave for scenography, acapela voices and raw physicality: what if you had a second chance? What if you could choose your name, family, history? What if you could control Fortune?

Black MOnk and other stories
A monk, an orchard, daring designs and wooden floors, Chekhov’s joyful Black Monk, performed for the first time in the UK,  appeared in the intimate warmth of the unexpected Holborn Workshop.

Across the Black Sea, on the shore of Tauris, a land prone to violent sacrifices, two Greeks arrive, finding redemption on their way back to Athens. Tangled in Plato’s dialogical webs, actors and directors Maria Gaitanidi and Stéphane Poliakov, weave nets and construct traps. Based on Euripides' Iphigenia in Tauris.

Orestes Rising

A film created for the live installation Surface at the St Pancras Crypt, July 2011 and inspired by the themes of brotherly sacrifice from Aeschulys' Agamemnon and Euripides' Iphigenia in Tauris and London.

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